All our games have been designed to be played within 5 min of opening the box! Yes, they are pretty straight forward and frustration free, but we alway recommend reading the instructions before you sit down with a group. You can also check out our video instructions and see how to play each game.

Yes of course, just get in touch via and we’ll sent it out asap.

If you order before 2pm in the UK your order should be with you in 1-2 days, but due to increased pressure on the Royal Mail in relation to Covid it might take up to 5 days.- In most parts of the US your order will be delivered within 2 days, but due to increased pressure on the delivery network this might take up 7 days.

It’s Bananas! comes with instructions in French, Spanish, German and Dutch.  Game for Fame and Santa VS Jesus are only in English. 

Currently we only ship to the UK and US, but you can also buy us on in The Netherlands. 

We have all been there, but not to worry. Your order will have come with a confirmation email containing a tracking number, please check that first as that should tell you what the status is. If it’s missing in action, please get in touch via and we’ll remedy it asap.

If the game is still in it’s original packaging and was purchased in the last 30 days, please send email to: For more info check out our Delivery & Returns policy